Crystal award with led lighted base

How Adding an LED Lighted Base Can Make Your Crystal Award More Impressive

Imagine giving or receiving a stunning laser-etched award: it is striking, beautiful, and a marvel of modern technology. It will start conversations with anyone who sees it. It is a great motivational device and a way to show how much you appreciate someone’s accomplishment or contribution. Few things could make such an item any better. But, there is one. 

While already striking and miraculous, a 3D crystal award truly comes to life when a LED lighted base is added to it. Coming in a variety of finishes and colors, these bases not only add a touch of style by themselves, but also shine a light through the crystal giving it a magical glow. A light base gives the crystal award a new life and emphasizes the image engraved inside it.

LED crystal light bases come in both stationary and rotating varieties, making the laser etched crystal resting atop them all the more eye-catching.Miami crystal awards tower The bases use a low voltage light emitting diode (LED) to provide a steady, gentle glow that while barely sipping power from a standard AC adapter (less than 5 volts, to be exact). These bases and power adapters are perfect for either home or public display, and you can match the finish of the light base to the surrounding décor.

LED bases are great for trade shows and public events, too, where visibility is key. Memorialize your personal or corporate achievements in crystal, then light them with a striking LED base. Have favorable reviews, certifications, awards, or other documents and things etched into a three-dimensional crystal, then add a glowing base and watch the crowds flock around to see what you have on display!

So, for a truly unique and memorable award, think three-dimensional crystal and add a lighted base to it. Nothing will compare to the beauty and wonder of an award floating in a block of solid crystal and glowing with a magical light emanating from an unseen source.